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It is never too late to be what you might have been --George Eliot
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Welcome to Writing After 50

Baby Boomers are finally taking the time to live their dreams

      Hello, welcome to Writing After 50. Why after 50? Because if, like me, you're a member of the Baby Boom generation, you probably thought writing was something you 'd like to try, but couldn't because of the day-to-day press of work, kids, taking care of parents, or any number of responsibilities that cause us to defer our dreams until "someday".  But if you've decided "someday" is today, then I think you'll enjoy this site. 

    I'm Frank Milligan, author of Time to Write: Discovering the Writer Within After 50.  I built this site not just to promote my book but to
to complement and add to the book by providing useful additional information to anyone interested in getting started as a writer, whether they've read the book or not, as well as to create opportunities to interact with my readers and students.

Midlife--the best time to begin writing

   For many reasons, midlife is actually the best time to start writing. Writing is an art where age and experience actually trump youth and ambition. At midlife you've got 20 or 30 years of writing ahead of you; more than enough time to learn how to write, become good at it, and even launch a writing career, should that be your desire.

Learn writing shortcuts and tricks of the trade

    Like any art or craft there are shortcuts and tricks of the trade that will help you make up for lost time and that once mastered can raise your writing to the next level.

    Everything you need to know is explained in the book, but books can only hold so much, and they aren't capable of interactively answering readers questions.

    Here you'll find a forum to get your writing questions answered; on line extras that supplement and expand on the material in the book; links to useful sites for new writers; and, of course, an order page and links to booksellers where you can buy my book. 

    For more information about my book simply click on the image below.

About Time to Write

    Many promised themselves someday they would have the time, or would make the time, to scratch the writing itch.
     Time To Write: Discovering the Writer Within After 50, a complete guide, takes the reader from a vague idea to a finished, ready-to publish manuscript. Whether one can write full-time or simply wants to use writing as one part of an active lifestyle, Time To Write delivers the practical steps necessary to turn the dream of becoming a writer into reality.
     Time To Write reveals the tips, techniques, insider secrets, and shortcuts that will help make up for lost time and, in the most direct way possible, take the reader’s writing as far as talent, desire, and drive will allow. For those who always thought they might someday like to write, now is the time.
     Time to write.